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Self-Advocate Advisory Board

A self-advocate is an adult with Down syndrome who is learning skills to advocate for themselves in every situation - education, medical, financial, employment, and social.  Our self-advocate society gets together monthly to talk about different topics relative to their lives and then members report to the board of directors about what events, programs, and volunteer opportunities they are creating for other self-advocates.

Self-Advocate Advisory Board

Our current SAAB members include (L to R) Kimberly Blackmon, Lauren Fairchild, Candace Moffitt, and Ethan Whitt


The Self-Advocate Advisory Board is a group of self-advocates (18 and older) who help our staff and Executive Board of Directors ensure that self-advocates are included as important participants and stakeholders in all areas of DSPNT programming.

The Self-Advocate Advisory Board will meet nine times a year and will plan and coordinate Teen Scene activities that include social and community give-back events, speak at community events, and act as ambassadors to the community on World Down Syndrome Day and at the Step Up Walk.

The Self-Advocate Advisory Board will be comprised of 5-10 members that represent the population served through DSPNT. 

Interested self-advocates should read all requirements and expectations prior to submitting an application.  If you have questions, please email SAAB.

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