DSPlayNt Programs

DSPlayNT started out as a series of playdates for families as a way to connect in a fun way.  This program now includes all of DSPNT’s family events such as our annual swim, picnic, and holiday party.  DSPlayNT also includes other special programs that encompass all ages and stages like our partnership with BRIT (Botanic Research Institute of Texas).



Saturday, March 6th at 11AM

DSPNT Days at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens are designed to engage participants in hands-on learning experiences. These experiences will help foster an understanding of nature and the outdoors. In the Stickworks program, participants will observe a naturally made structure, hear a story, and construct a model. Event is $10 for adults, $5 for per child and FREE for individuals with Down syndrome. You must RSVP to by March 4th attend at BRIT.

P.O. Box 766

Fort Worth, Texas 76101